Friday, August 5, 2011

Watch This Space!!! Make up reviews coming!!

I recently went on a lovely make up shopping spree at both the M-A-C counter and our new Sephora!!! 

When I finally get free time after Tax Free Weekend photos and reviews of the makeup will be up!!! 

Pix N' Bene

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inside Sports Are Fun!

Food, friends, and air conditioning are all the things I need to have an awesome day.  

It started out with lunch with my roommates mom, Keeley. We went to Cahoots this lovely place one town over.  Its in the middle of the historic downtown between antique stores and family owned shops.  The food is AMAZING home cooking and the interior would seem crazy and junky to others but its funky and fun to me. Sadly we ended up having to leave quicker than planned so I only got the chance to snap a pic of their menu.  I will be going back and will have PLENTY of photos later on because its just SO DAMN COOL inside. 

Then it was home for some quick chores before BOWLING!

Yeah thats right, BOWLING, I never in a thousands years thought I would have so much fun doing a sport. 

My roommate and her family belong to a bowling team and ended up need a new person. I figured why the hell not? I'm really glad I went because I ended up having so much fun!!  

Its a sport done indoors with food and booze at the ready.  Bowling was made for me!

Why can't I bowl in my heels? *pouts*

Milkshake shots?

The lanes

My friend Tyler giving me some SIDE EYE for snapping pics!!

But how could I NOT snap pics of the ADORABLE gay couple at the bowling alley! Aren't they just too cute!!!

After bowling I was SUPER hungry. Sadly right now my household is BROKE AS SHIT until Thursday but I was able to throw together something super yummy!! Fried Chicken Marinara!! 

Now it is time to prepare for HELL Tax Free Weekend at work.  Not looking forward to the CRAZY. Gonna need my SLEEP!

Pix and Bene