Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ulta Goodies!!!!

My friend Grimmy and I decided to do a random shopping/dinner date earlier this week.  We of course hit up Ulta for some make up!! Here is what I got!!!

Stila Trendsetting in Tokyo - NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - NYX Eyebrow Kit

Such a Cute Case!!!

Four eye shadows and a lip cheek combo!! I love the colors in this palette so vibrant! <3

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk- I've had heard such great reviews on this I had to buy one.  And everyone was RIGHT!!!  If you are looking for something to highlight your eyes USE THIS! Goes on smooth, shows up and STAYS on.  Girl you know if the Drag Queens love a Make Up brand it is BANGING! 

NYX Eyebrow kit in Brunette- Comes with two powders and wax.  I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!! I have very thin light brows so I've always had issue with them showing up.  I hate when girls darken their brows and they go WAY to dark.  Its a very fine line between nice brows and MAN brows.  This powder goes on so finely that you have no problem controlling the amount that goes on.  

Over all I am VERY happy with my buys here, I didn't break the bank either, which is VERY easy to do at Ulta.  $20 bucks is all I spent on everything here, and it was money I was happy to fork over.

Now for some FATTIE FUN!!

That Burger was just sitting there!! She had no choice but ATTACK it!! <3

Grimmy is my Gal Idol I'm so lucky to have such an AWESOME Gal BFF!

I think I'm going to switch to cream blush or a cheek tint, powder blush just doesn't show up on my PALE face!!

Yeah thats right, we are on both sides of the make up counter taking pics of our selves in the mirrors. I love the looks we get.....the Ulta girls must be used to us by now!!

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