Friday, April 29, 2011

Alabama Devastation- LuckY to be alive.

I live in North Alabama, and my state is in ruins. Hundreds dead, homes gone, and many still missing. 

My family and I lucky enough to have power, water and wifi for now but,  we are told everything could turn off again. Hundreds of Thousands are still without, so I am asking if you have anything to spare to donate to help those who have lost everything. 

Please keep all those affected in your thoughts and prayers.




Lyn said...

Most of my family live in Northern Alabama (Florence) but, everything was fine as far as I know. I hope everything is okay.

PeachPixie said...

I haven't heard anything about Florence, I'm in Decatur and we lost power and water. Huntsville is still mainly without both as is Cullmen, Hartselle and surrounding areas. I know Athens has power.

TVA lines at the Browns Fairy Power Plant were torn apart so over 300000 people were without power. Now I think its around 150000.

Farther south Tuscaloosa is just GONE. So is most of Dekab county.