Monday, May 9, 2011


Friday on my way to work the breaks in my mom's car failed. Thanks to that mishap I now have a fractured ankle, a piece of bone even splintered off and is now floating around in my ankle.  The only good thing is that it wasn't a large enough break to need a plaster cast. Still hurts like a @#$%$#$@#@$#@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All weekend I've been stuck sitting around.  Thank GOD for netflix streaming episodes of 

I am in love with this show!!!  Its silly and smart, I have a bit of a nerd crush on Dwight.

Thanks to my nifty splint bootie thing and lovely PAIN meds I will be returning to work tomorrow.  I will only be working a four hour shift Tuesday and a six hour shift on Wednesday. Thursday I can rest and be ready for the weekend. 

I hope I don't have to keep this ugly thing on to long.....its summer time and I have some SUPER cute heels I've been waiting to wear!!!! 




grimmy said...

Girl you are always doing something to your ankle! You just need to keep those Uggs of yours on all the time. They may be ([ugly]) but they have a bunch of padding.

PeachPixie said...

The sad thing is I only ever hurt myself when I'm in flats!!! Never fallen off my heels! In fact I was wearing my Uggs when I broke it last year!!!

Also I gave my Uggs to good will.

Anonymous said...

omg, take care of yourself so it won't get worse!~

take your time to get well <3

PeachPixie said...

Nnena- Thanks! I am going to do my best not to go crazy from this ankle. I miss my heels already! ^_^